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Was going to say same as xashik - you can do all lines, nations, and classes, but one of the limits is the "garage slots" - you get a number of them free and each ship type takes one slot, but if want to keep your ships to play, would need to buy more (usually for in game gold which is mainly purchased by real money - one of the ways they keep the game going since essentially free to play ...

Here you will find the lists of updates which contains World of Tanks changes from patch to patch, released current version. You can download the latest today Changelog: World of Tanks (Blitz) Patch 3.1 - Global wiki. Retrieved from "​php?title=Changelog:_World_of_Tanks_(Blitz)_Patch_3.1&oldid=246105" End of August Gift Shop Offers - Announcements - World of Tanks End of August Gift Shop Offers - posted in Announcements: See what’s in the Gift Shop for the last week of the month!Full news text

No garage slots foe me - not buying anything no time soon - tanks ain't worth getting anymore can't equip them - and I had 240 tanks that was robbed blind XXX_Corps, on 12 May 2017 - 06:13 AM, said: Wg is out of touch with the reality of the game it has created.

Using Gold Wisely - World of Tanks - WoT Guru Unlike a premium account buying a premium tank has no time limit and it will be there ... Running out of garage slots happens to every player the more they play.

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selling extra garage slots? - World of Tanks official forum Dec 03, 2015 · selling extra garage slots? - posted in General Discussion: Where can one dump the extra garage slots that are no longer going to be needed. I have been clearing out tanks in my garage. I had 183 tank down to 137 and still more to go. Just only being able to do 5 per day it is going to take some time. i have 46 extra garage slots planning on only keeping around 80 tanks

I obtained both the IS-4 and the Batchat as tier-9s, back when I couldn’t afford 10s. I have obtained half a dozen tanks and garage slots simply by owning the tank that was going to be split in the next patch.

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